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Similar to echinacea products, Respigard is extracted from a crop that comes directly
from nature—the red mangrove growing in the briny coastal waters of Fiji. Echinacea
alternative: Our rapid response respiratory solution is a powerful, efficacious alternative to
echinacea. Cold-flu season or any time of year—try this remarkable solution.

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Respigard is a wholly natural, organic rapid response for cold/flu season challenges (and other respiratory/immune system challenges) manufactured by Nature’s Nurse, Inc. The essential ingredient for this remarkable product is the red mangrove, a rhizome growing wildly in the coast waters of Fiji. The company was co-founded a decade ago by Ms. Resina Koroi of Fiji and Dr. Ted Anders. Dr. Anders was introduced to the healing properties of the red mangrove while on an air flight to Australia and ended up in a conversation with Ms. Koroi who suggested he try a red mangrove suffusion for his teenage daughter’s ear and sinus infections that weren’t responding to other treatments. The suffusion worked, and this started a partnership that grew into a company bridging the Fiji village community who harvest and prepare the red mangrove ingredient and the formulation facilities, clinical trials and marketing on the United States side. The result is a company dedicated to health care through natural pharmacological ingredients that brings ownership and financial opportunities to the Fijian people. This partnership also contributes to a sustainable ecology and green environment. Natural Cold Flu Solution comes out of my long-time association with Ted Anders and Resina Koroi. While the main purpose of the Respigard product is for helping with cold, flu and other respiratory/immune system conditions, the other intentions include: supporting each person’s choosing of high quality, natural products as a supplement to conventional remedies, and supporting the Fijian people who are part of this company, and contributing to the stewardship and care of the earth environment.



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