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A turbocharger is one of the most vital components you can buy for your engine for boosting performance. For turbos that are the best designed and engineered, we suggest you closely look at and choose Comp Turbo.  A turbocharger for sale from Comp Turbo includes the specialized options of custom and diesel designs.

Comp Turbo, Inc was started in October, 2007, by Joe Delgado and Justin Ekholm—both with extraordinarily high knowledge in turbocharger and engine technology. The two owners had very high goals in establishing a company to manufacture the highest quality turbochargers in the market, and also to offer the best customer service needed to meet turbocharger user goals.

Our turbo kits are designed, engineered and built in a 5200 sq ft facility in San Dimas, CA with an assembly room, quality control room, high speed balancing machine and CNC machines to be able to manufacture the high quality turbochargers that racing teams and the industry require.

Custom or diesel turbochargers (turbos) are an integral part of our facility design and engineering process and capacity. We build custom turbo kits to any engine specification.

In turbo kits, Comp Turbo has a variety of sizes available from an 80hp, 2 stroke, up to a 3500 hp dragster. By cooperating with a lead industry engineer with over 50 years of experience in turbochargers we developed the first triple ceramic ball bearing system that has proven to outperform competition.

Comp Turbo is involved with worldwide teams with a goal to provide the highest quality turbochargers and give their customers an edge to put them ahead of competition.


Turbocharger Kits Testimonials

Here at Westech Performance Group, we test many engine combinations and after-market accessories.  I've have personally been working with turbos for 15 years and test many manufacturers and turbo combinations. I have used Comp Turbo and their turbos show to be very efficient at all power levels. I have found running low boost levels on street applications are still creating big horsepower numbers. I have been able to use a bigger turbo in some applications without sacrificing spool-up time, thanks to the efficiency of Comps triple ball bearing system. I have been very impressed with their product and will continue to use their turbos on the street and in competition.
Ernie Mena
Westech Performance Group

Thanks to Comp Turbo for custom building a pair of turbos for our Chevy small block. These turbos have pushed our 383ci small block to almost 1700hp and over 1300ft lbs of torque on only a touch over 20 lbs of boost! Not only do they produce huge peak numbers they come on almost immediately making the torque curve better than any turbocharged application I have seen!
Jerry Stettler owner

Faster boost response
Less friction—ceramic ball bearings
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CT3B Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbos
The Comp Turbo CT3B turbocharger is relatively new on the scene, is dynamite in a small package and has a bearing system that utilizes the latest in ball bearing technology. Racing applications need turbochargers that accelerate at the fastest possible rate and the CT3B bearing system allows it to do just that. Read More Here>

Over 50 years of turbocharger technology
Engineered for extreme operating temperatures.
Patented triple ball bearing system in a rotatable carrier allows extremely rapid rotor acceleration.
Can withstand extreme thrust loads from high boost pressure and operate stably at very high shaft speeds.
Light weight 10 bladed turbine wheels with full diameter blades for maximizing exhaust gas flow.
Billet 14 bladed compressor wheels with alternate cut back inducers that maximize compressor efficiency and air flow on HE race version units.
Aluminum bearing housing for low overall weight.
Oil-Less turbochargers in phase 3 testing
Custom built turbochargers for any race organization.
Twin Scroll Turbine housing available in several A/R Options.
All Comp Turbo units are upgradeable and serviceable.
All units come with a 1 Year warranty.



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Comp Turbo Inc. announces the availability of its new Model CT3B turbocharger, applicable to both automotive, diesel, and gasoline passenger car engines...
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CT3B Ceramic Ball bearing systems Vs. Conventional Sleeve bearing systems - CT3B ball bearing technology results in several important performance improvements...
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