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Of Middle Eastern and American descent... Natalie enjoys the music, film and dance of many nations. As far as films go, Natalie really enjoys India's Bollywood hits,  Egypt's film classics, and so much of Hollywood!
Natalie currently does commercial print work and has experience on sets in several countries.  She aspires to do acting and modeling in international venues. She is currently taking private acting lessons and college courses in drama, business and cultural arts.
Natalie plans to build a print and acting career in the US, Middle East and India. Her personal passion is to leverage her successes and celebrity to become a spokesperson for Palestinian-Israeli peace and cooperation, as well as for humanitarian organizations working for peaceful reconcilitation in areas of violence and post-violence around the world.
Natalie was recently blessed by a personal, private audience with His Holiness the Dalai Llama in his home at the base of the Himalaya's in Dharamsala, India.  His Holiness personally urged Natalie to fulfill her natural destiny as a force of feminine love and compassion around the globe.

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