It's no secret that the dissolution of a marriage can be an extremely expensive, emotionally challenging process, with long term negative consequences for parties and their children. Unfortunately, even after a divorce is final, issues, conflicts and disputes often remain. Someone fails to pay support, or one party wants to raise or lower the amount to be paid. Conflicts arise around visitation schedules or changes in custody. Perhaps one party is considering moving to a new city or state. Furthermore, even in the best post-divorce relationships, challenges can arise with the blending of new families and lifestyles.

Settlement Works-the Center for Dynamic Family Resolution—is a place where parties come to resolve issues that still trouble them, even after their divorce is final. Whatever the disputes, workable solutions can and will be found when parties are willing to talk about their conflicts and listen to each other in a properly structured, supportive environment. The lawyer/mediators at Settlement Works utilize a cost-effective and time-efficient process that promotes settlement of legal issues from the simple to the complex, while providing the safety and guidance for even the most longstanding and emotionally charged conflicts to be healed.

Our optional Settlement by Decision™ program offers participants the assurance that by the end of their session(s), all legal issues will be resolved and incorporated into a binding court order. For those seeking a better working relationship with their ex spouse, Settlement Works offers healing and completion of the past, with tools to make the ongoing process of co-parenting easier and more harmonious.

Settlement Works' conference facilities are presently located at our West Los Angeles office. In addition, we are in the process of completing our new offices on The Concordance, a 57' motor yacht located in Marina del Rey.

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