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Although Dennis will tell you that he's been mediating disputes since he was five years old, the inspiration for the Settlement Works mediation program came only after a 30 year career in civil litigation and family law, as well as many additional years of self-realization and self-work.

In 1979, Dennis founded the Center for Enforcement of Family Support, a law practice dedicated to helping custodial parents collect their past due support. This practice led to Dennis' nickname, the Robin Hood lawyer, and to his role as a frequent lecturer and media expert. He appeared on such programs as The Oprah Winfrey Show, Sonia Friedman Live, CNN, CBS News, as well as many radio and television programs local to Southern California. "Dear Abby" acknowledged Dennis' work in her column, providing the Center's name and address as a resource for her readers. This sentiment was followed by multiple lead articles in the Los Angeles Times and other major metropolitan newspapers.

While helping single parents secure support from their errant ex-spouses, Dennis saw the anger many divorced couples carry. He soon became aware of how this anger often pre-empts and frustrates the resolution of legal issues, resulting in exorbitant legal fees and leading to residual emotional damage, especially to children caught in the middle.

In his search for a better way to facilitate emotional resolution, Dennis attended and eventually assisted at numerous personal growth workshops, including Lifespring, Landmark Forum and Barbara DeAngelis' Making Love Work. There, he learned how relationships can be transformed through honest effective communication and witnessed the healing that comes when issues are resolved in a safe, supportive environment.


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