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Enchanted Forest —from the Sacred Well Oils

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Welcome to The Sacred Well online store...

Looking for powerful magic spells, healing crystals, or pagan / wiccan supplies?  The Sacred Well uses the highest-quality ingredients in creating our metaphysical and magical supplies.  Our magical oils, spell candles, herb and gem elixirs, and healing crystals will help you make magic happen every day.  We strive to make your online shopping experience as welcoming and magical as a visit to our Oakland store.  There are real live people behind the “curtain” who make The Sacred Well what it is.  Check out the rest of our website, and feel free to drop us a line through our Contact page.


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Healing Crystals and Stones

Crystal healing utilizes the healing energy found in natural stones and crystals from the earth.  We hand-pick our crystals and gemstones for their exquisite beauty and spiritual healing earth energy.  A crystal or healing stone from The Sacred Well is a potent tool for any healing arts practitioner, for meditation or energy work, to carry in your pocket or to decorate your home with magic.


Sacred Well Oils

Our homemade magic spell oils combine aromatherapy benefits, mythical lore and herbal tradition.  Attract abundance, heal a broken heart, foster peace, or dance with the elements by wearing our magical oils.  The Sacred Well oils can also be used as anointing oils for candles or sacred objects, as conjure oils in magic spells, and as spiritual oils for ceremonies and rituals.

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Way of the Rabbit Oils

These magical oils are powerful potions made by a real witch.  Rabbit blended her ritual oils by the light of the moon, and whispered magical spells into them as she stirred them in her cauldron.  These conjure oils may be used to help you invoke the Goddess, attract joy, bless your home, break a hex, or honor the Earth.  Listen to the whispers of the wind, and be blessed.


Barry’s Magical Oils

astrobarry, a world-renowned astrologer, designed these aromatherapy oil blends for use by both curious newcomers and experienced New Age spiritual practitioners.  Barry's Magical Oils harness the energy of 100% pure essential oils, to entice the senses while supporting personal growth and manifesting desires.  Each essential oil blend addresses a common issue many of us seek to transform in our lives: wealth, love, protection, healing, and relaxation.

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Herb and Gem Elixirs

An Herb and Gem Elixir is a magic potion made from herbal essences and healing crystal vibrations.  Our Herb and Gem Elixirs feature naturally grown herbs and hand-picked magic crystals, infused in sacred water and charged under the full moon or the dark moon.  A few drops of an Elixir from The Sacred Well will shift your energy and add a powerful boost to all your personal magic spells and rituals.


Spell Candles

Magic Spell Candles powerfully manifest your intentions and desires by creating your own personal rituals. A magic Candle from The Sacred Well can help you create love magic, attract money and good luck, cast a spell for protection or health, or transform yourself. We work with local artists to produce unique, beautiful designs, and we empower each Spell Candle with a positive affirmation to help you make your dreams come true.

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