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Earth Day Plans

Earth Day plans renewed practices and policies on global warming.
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OPEN Education

One Planet Educational Network in 3D production on saving the polar bears.
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Meeting of the Minds: A conference on the Vehicles We Need for More Sustainable Cities
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imageBlue Planet Music Festival to be held in Spring 2008 in Honolulu, Hawaii.
imageBonnie Raitt speaks out on




Arctic Aid—Live Concert to Save Endangered Polar Bears

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>World Wildlife Fund Runs the Rivers at Risk
The Rio Grande is among the world's top ten rivers at risk, according to a WWF report which names the world's rivers that are facing widespread degradation while millions of people depend on them for survival.
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>One Planet Education Project
(OPEN) Creating New Methods

In this immersive Arctic refuge learning space, students will experience, through animation and 3D, the habitat of the polar bear. In this same 3D space, students and teachers from classrooms around the world will be able to communicate and collaborate with each other as well as with subject area experts...Full story here >

E the Environmental Magazine
Explores Green Cars

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Largest Green Project—
Las Vegas
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